CNN Fact-Checker Learns He Isn’t Wanted By Congresswoman  

( When a CNN “fact-checker” reached out to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s office, he received an unwelcome reply, according to Mediaite. A spokesperson for the Colorado congresswoman told Daniel Dale, a senior reporter for the left-wing outlet, to “f*** off” after he asked for a comment regarded claims that reportedly “inaccurate.”   

Greene had reportedly posted a tweet about a mother whose two sons died from fentanyl poisoning. The congresswoman had placed the blame on the Biden White House for the open border policies allowing unfettered illegal drugs and human trafficking to overwhelm the border.  

However, the two sons reportedly died in 2020, when President Trump was still in office. Spokesman Nick Dyer responded to Dale saying that many people have died as a result of Biden’s policies and then used expletives to describe CNN’s “fact-checking.” 

Dale also posted a tweet disputing the claim that the 2020 election was stolen. He referred to Greene’s comments that Trump had actually won in Georgia and that thousands of dead people were voting in the election.  

CNN has been losing viewers over the last few years, with Fox News taking the top spot amongst the liberal outlets, including MSNBC. The right-wing outlet reportedly has 1.67 million viewers, which is a large number when compared to CNN’s 497,000 and MSNBC’s 873,000. Young viewers in the key demographic, aged 25-54, are at 212,000 for Fox, 94,000 for CNN, and 104,000 for MSNBC.  

Major changes have reportedly taken place at CNN since their declining ratings. CEO Chris Licht has vowed to bring the once moderate news outlet back to the center, threatening to fire anyone who cannot do away with their partisan reporting.  

Former Fox News host Chris Wallace, who joined CNN as they launched their short-lived streaming platform, is reportedly seeing some of the worst ratings since the show began.