CNN Calls Kaitlan Collins “World Class”

The results of the Trump Townhall on Wednesday, May 10, are in. This was the first appearance on CNN by the former president since 2016. Liberals loved it, conservatives not so much. 

A candid interview quickly turned into a boxing match when Collins went after Trump for his accounting of a rigged election and the events leading to the January 6th demonstration at the US Capital.

Collins tried to press Trump on his relationship with President Zelensky of Ukraine and President XI of China. Trump said he would unite them and stop the dying in 24 hours. 

Trump fared well with the right-leaning crowd, who cheered and clapped when Trump referred to Collins during the questioning as “a nasty person.” 

News broke that Collins (31) is slated to be awarded the coveted 9 P.M. time slot formerly held by Chris Cuomo. Chris Licht, the CNN CEO, will make the announcement despite her highly criticized interview with Trump. 

CNN News described her as a world-class journalist who asked tough but fair questions. He felt she fact-checks Donald Trump and gave voters an insight into the former president’s position as he seeks reelection in 2024. CNN is supposed to get voters’ answers and press candidates for answers and truthfulness. 

The Puck News Organization reported that Collin’s performance at the New Hampshire Townhall would probably not adversely affect the CNN contract offer. Still, the Court of public opinion has not yet released its verdict. 

CNN viewers were unhappy with ex-president Trump returning to their liberal playground, and many voices on Twitter called for a boycott against the network. 

A Washington, DC police officer, Michael Fanone, voiced his displeasure with CNN’s having a guy who created an environment to put him in danger on January 6.

CNN executives released a statement defining the reasons for hosting the town hall with former president Donald Trump as a guest. They explained that they will interview various candidates in the coming months, with correspondents traversing the nation to hear from voters and candidates as the 2024 election plays out.