Christie Uses Israel Trip To Bash Rival Trump

GOP Presidential candidate Chris Christie denounced Donald Trump during a visit to Israel and said the former President had fuelled bigotry against Muslims and Jews. He accused the Trump administration of failing to secure stability in the Middle East, despite brokering peace agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco.

Mr. Christie, a fierce Trump critic who bases his Presidential campaign on opposing the former President, praised Biden’s efforts in the region, despite the widely held belief that Biden is emulating Trump’s strategy. Christie also accused Mr. Trump of fostering division in the United States, and of cynically exploiting President Obama’s perceived appeasement of Israel’s enemies.

“I don’t think he has any principles on the issues at all. I think it’s just that he saw a public opportunity that Obama presented and he took it,” Christie said.

During the one-day trip to the Jewish state, Christie confirmed his support for US commitment to stand “shoulder to shoulder” with Israel. He spoke to Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers, as well as survivors of the massacre of Israeli civilians by Hamas on October 7. He said he intended to return to the US and describe the horrors of October 7 to encourage his fellow candidates, and Congress, to provide financial and military aid to Israel.

The former New Jersey Governor said America has no greater friend than the Jewish state. “We need to make sure that we refresh that friendship at times of peril like this,” he added.
Christie has condemned Donald Trump from the very start of his Presidential campaign and been his fiercest critic during the three Republican debates.

At the first debate in August, he said Trump should have been present, and called on his fellow Republicans to “stop normalizing” his conduct. He stated that whether one believes the criminal charges against the former President are right or wrong, Mr. Trump’s past behavior is “beneath the office of President of the United States.”