Chilling Phone Call Revealed of Woman Arrested for Poisoning Roommate 

There is no denying the seismic shift in culture that has occurred in the nation over the last 100 years. Perhaps the biggest impact that this unrivaled urban development has had on the nation has been in regard to wildlife, agriculture and animals. The majority of Americans as a whole used to be self-sufficient and agrarian minded before the second world war, living on farms. People grew their own food and canning, and preservation was common. 

It appears that individuals may be better off returning to practices of personally sourcing food. Reports have confirmed that chemicals have been found in grocery store products and in fast or fried foods commonly available in the U.S.. Additionally, one just never knows who one can trust anymore; in Australia, a woman was arrested after three people died eating beef wellington at her home.  She’s been accused of poisoning them.

This incident was unfortunately not the only harrowing attempt at poisoning to occur in recent days. In Utah, a phone call conversation was revealed of a woman who was recently released from prison. Janie Ridd, aged 55, was released from prison in 2022 after being sentenced to serve between one and twenty years behind bars for trying to poison her best friend to obtain full custody of her friends’ son, who is non-verbal autistic. She was released from prison after only serving 25 months of the sentence. The phone call is harrowing and was made while Ridd was still incarcerated. In the recordings, she reiterates her willingness to take her friends son, and claims to want to do this no matter the cost. Ridd had sedated her friend, named only Rachel to protect her identity, and injected her with E-Coli bacteria that caused infections, likely in an attempt to murder her to obtain full custody of the child. The child, named Ryder, had been co-parented by Ridd while his mother worked as a paramedic.