Buttigieg Announces US-Israel Partnership On Travel Shutdown

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg said that the United States is cooperating with Israel to ensure the safety of travelers in the region following the weekend terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas.

According to a report, Buttigieg tweeted that he had discussed the recent attacks on Israel with Israeli Ambassador Michael Herzog. The US is fully behind the Israeli people, and we’re teaming up to ensure safe passage in the area.

The FAA has likewise cautioned American airliners to exercise extreme caution when entering Israeli airspace. In light of the ongoing dispute between Israel and Gaza, a NOTAM ( A Notice to Air Missions ) was issued to warn pilots of a possible hazardous scenario in Israeli airspace.

Major U.S. airlines decided to halt service to Israel during the conflict out of concern for the safety of their customers and workers. Airlines, including Delta, United and American, have all issued warnings.

The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem issued a safety notice urging American nationals to leave the area.

According to the Embassy, there are ongoing military activities in Gaza in addition to rockets and mortars in the Gaza periphery. US residents in Gaza who need to leave and can do so securely are encouraged to. The Erez crossing connecting Israel and Gaza is closed indefinitely.

A report shows two aircraft carrying Americans who had escaped Israel landed in New Jersey and New York on Sunday, while a third flight brought more people the next day.

Families recounted their terror as they huddled in bomb shelters, desperately tried to book tickets, and saw numerous planes canceled.

After more than a week, numerous families are still unable to escape. Many people paid thousands of US dollars and took multiple flights with stops to reach safety.

Reports show that on October 7th, as Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip fired thousands of missiles from Palestinian territory, dozens more breached the highly fortified border fence and went through into Israeli neighborhoods on paragliders, motorcycles, and launching an offensive that appeared to catch Israel off guard.

Hamas forces stormed an estimated 22 places in southern Israel, firing into crowds and kidnapping civilians and Israeli security personnel to bring back to Gaza.