Bubba Wallis Caught Giving The Finger On Camera

During a post-race interview on Sunday night, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace was caught on camera giving someone the middle finger.

Wallace competed in the NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race and placed second behind winner Kyle Larson. Despite his strong performance, Bubba Wallace was once again the subject of attention for reasons other than his race.

The evening’s events started with boos directed at him during the driver introductions. Wallace took the boos and jeers of the crowd in stride, even mocking it by feigning sobbing with exaggerated mugging.

A  Wallace detractor could hack into the team’s radio transmission and disparage the driver.

The individual said on the radio, “Go back to where you came from, you a**hole,” 

They added that NASCAR was “not the place” for him.

A representative for Wallace’s team, 23XI Racing, indicated that Wallace did not hear or acknowledge the person. 

After the race, Wallace looked away from the camera during a question from Jamie Little of Fox Sports 1. He then adjusted his collar while raising his middle finger in an attempt at subtlety.

Wallace raced in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series the day prior and was again met with boos from the crowd. He came in fifth place and claimed afterward that the crowd’s reaction didn’t disturb him too much.

You care about the people you care about, Wallace said dismissively.

He said the most important thing is that he came in fifth place and got a paycheck.

Wallace was famously part of an FBI probe after he and his team claimed a noose was hung in their car bay. The “noose” was a handle and had been on the door since 2019. 

The fact that Wallace tried to create a racial issue over something benign has not endeared him to racing fans.