Border Bill Will Show Real Number Of Migrant Crossings

Iowa Representative Ashley Hinson has introduced a new bill called the Southern Border Transparency Act, aiming to provide a more accurate account of the number of migrants crossing into the United States. Hinson argues that this bill is a common-sense approach to addressing the failures at the southern border and the concerns surrounding catch-and-release policies.

In an interview with “American Agenda,” Hinson emphasized the importance of understanding the real numbers behind the migrants being released into the country’s interior and the potential security risks associated with losing track of individuals. She believes that this information is crucial for the safety and security of both Iowans and Americans as a whole.

This bill comes in response to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ statement during a visit to Mexico City. Mayorkas expressed the Biden administration’s stance that a border wall is not the solution to the immigration issue and that this position remains unchanged.

Hinson’s Southern Border Transparency Act seeks to shed light on the realities of the situation at the southern border, providing a more accurate understanding of the number of migrants entering the country and the subsequent actions taken by the Biden administration. By doing so, Hinson hopes to address the concerns her constituents raised and ensure American citizens’ safety and security.

This bill represents a fresh perspective on the immigration debate, offering a tangible solution to the challenges faced at the southern border. With its emphasis on transparency, it aims to bridge the gap between the government and the public by providing accurate information and fostering a better understanding of the issue.

As the discussion around immigration continues to evolve, lawmakers must seek innovative approaches that address the concerns of both citizens and migrants. Hinson’s Southern Border Transparency Act offers a unique perspective on achieving this balance, emphasizing the need for accurate data and a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Representative Ashley Hinson’s Southern Border Transparency Act presents a new and refreshing approach to the immigration debate. By focusing on the actual numbers and the potential security risks associated with the current system, Hinson aims to protect the interests of Iowans and Americans. This bill brings much-needed transparency to the issue and encourages a more informed and nuanced discussion around immigration policies.