Body Returned In Horrifying Condition After Autopsy

A federal complaint was filed in early December on behalf of the family of an Alabama prisoner who passed away while incarcerated. The family was stunned to receive the partially decayed corpse, which forced them to have a closed casket burial.

According to the legal action, after spending five days trying to claim Brandon Dotson’s body following his death on November 21, they saw bruising on the back of Dotson’s neck and excessive swelling across his head when the 43-year-old’s remains finally arrived.

The family reportedly hired a doctor to perform their own autopsy on Dotson, and they discovered that his heart had been removed. His loved ones are in the dark about when and how he passed away, as well as the whereabouts of his heart.

According to the lawsuit filed by attorney Lauren Faraino, the actual cause of death was concealed when the Department of Corrections conducted an autopsy and removed the heart. His daughter and mother are now demanding its return for examination.

The Ventress Correctional Facility in Barbour County was where Brandon Dotson spent the first nineteen years of his 99-year jail term for burglary and parole violations. The lawsuit states that the alleged misbehavior of prison officials was equivalent to a death sentence.

Claims of wrongful death, 8th and 14th Amendment violations, indifference to the man’s medical needs and safety, and more were submitted by Dotson’s family.

Defendants in the lawsuit include high-ranking officials of the Alabama Department of Corrections, the head of the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, the warden of the Ventress Correctional, and many unidentified prison workers.

The suit notes the history of the Alabama DOC offering medical students human organs and tissues for laboratory exercises. Because the Birmingham Heersink School of Medicine might be one of the recipients of Dotson’s heart, it is also listed as a defendant.

In their request to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, Dotson’s family is seeking not just a jury trial but the return of his heart.

According to a report, Faraino said Brandon Dotson’s family is fighting for the most basic information about his death and the reason the Alabama Department of Corrections released the body without his heart, all while they are mourning his untimely death.