Block the BOATS – Voters Demand Action!

Seventy-five percent of Tory voters want all immigration stopped, except any that is necessary to maintain the functionality of the British National Health Service, according to a survey conducted by the Center for Migration Control. On top of that, the survey reveals that over eighty percent want net in-migration reduced to tens of thousand per year.

For reference, net migration figures last year saw 685,000 people added to the UK’s population. That figure is ten percent lower than the previous year, when the population-add through immigration was 764,000.

2,191 Brits were questioned for the survey.

The survey accompanies a report which argues that more than 3.44 million newly-built homes were required to cope with the new migrant population, but only 2.11 million dwellings were built. That makes for a shortfall of 1.34 million units, eighty-nine percent of which would have had to go to migrants.

This is apparently the justification for a report issued by Tory officials early in May which said that migration is to blame for almost ninety percent of the housing crunch currently striking economically active areas throughout Britain. The rapid population boom is putting pressure on all public services, but housing is feeling the pinch worst of all, said MPs Neil O’Brien and Robert Jenrick. In a joint statement, the two said that the notion that the UK can admit immigrants at the current rates and still solve the housing crisis is “magical thinking.”

Mr. Jenrick is the former Immigration Minister, while O’Brien was once the Leveling Up Minister, and both argue that migrants are not creating enough economic growth to offset the costs they generate.

A Center for Policy Studies’ report recently pointed out that the net immigration since 2010 exceeds the population of Wales.

Tom Pursglove, the Legal Migration minister for the British government, said that in his view only the Tory party has a clear plan to further reduce migration flows to manageable levels.