Bill Gates Finally Explains Why He’s Buying Farmland

( Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft and a multibillionaire turned philanthropist, recently put an end to the long-running rumor that he owns over 80% of all farmland in the United States during his 11th participation in a “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on Reddit. 

During the AMA, Gates responded to a number of inquiries, including why he was purchasing so much farmland and how much he could immoderately acquire. 

Gates said he owned less than 1/4,000 of the acreage in the Country. He claimed to have made investments to increase productivity and provide jobs, and there was no elaborate plan at play. A skilled investing team made all of these choices. 

Reports show that while Gates has spent billions redeveloping agricultural land, regular investors may get into the real estate market for as low as $100 with the help of firms backed by prominent investors like Jeff Bezos. 

There are 895,300,000 acres of farmland in the United States, according to a study from the National Agricultural Statistics Service in 2022. 

Around 242,000 acres are in Gates’s possession. 

Gates’ duplicity on the issue of global warming has recently come under scrutiny. 

In an interview with the BBC that aired last month, presenter Amol Rajan questioned Gates on how he reacts to claims that he utilizes private jets that generate excessive carbon emissions while calling on government and corporate leaders to take decisive action against “climate change.” 

Gates defended his own travel expenses by citing his investments in renewable energy as well as other health and environmental activities.

According to a survey by the European Union for Transport and Environment, private jets produce five to fourteen times as much pollution per passenger as commercial aircraft. 

According to the research, a single private plane may release two tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in only one hour.