Biden Reportedly “Laughed” At Death Of Mother’s Children 

( Before President Biden was elected in 2020, Caleb and Kyler Kiessling, sons of Rebecca Kiessling, died after ingesting what they believed were painkillers but were laced with fentanyl. 

When Biden laughed off the possibility that his policies were responsible for the deaths of a woman and her two boys from a fentanyl overdose, the mother responded angrily in a video message last night, screaming, “How dare you?” 

Earlier this week, Kiessling, a Michigan resident, testified before a Congressional hearing on the growing fentanyl issue. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene remarked at the hearing that the boys may still be alive if “the government guarded the border.” 

Biden used Kiessling’s anecdote as an opportunity to make fun of Greene last night at the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference, addressing an audience of laughing Democrats. 

He said the exciting part is that the boys ate the fentanyl during Trump’s administration. 

Kiessling responded angrily to his remarks in a video broadcast online on Wednesday night. 

She was outraged that Biden would use her son’s death to attack a congresswoman who misspoke. 

She reminded everyone that under Biden’s administration, the fatalities from fentanyl have increased by 22%,  an increase of tens of thousands of deaths. 

Kiessling said that translates to twice as many hurting parents under his watch, but he wants to chuckle. 

“What is wrong with you?” she asked Biden. 

Biden made the statement regarding the boys’ deaths while making fun of Rep. Greene at yesterday night’s conference. 

Kiessling also appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program, where she slammed those who blamed her kids and other drug users for the current situation. 

She attributes the situation to China, which has been under fire for its role in the fentanyl trade. Most of the chemicals used by cartels in Mexico to synthesize fentanyl are manufactured in China and then delivered there. 

Republicans are pressuring Secretary of State Antony Blinken to take immediate action to curb the drug supply by sanctioning China. 

In a letter spearheaded by Marco Rubio and signed by fourteen other Republican senators earlier this month, they asked him to take more action.