Biden Quietly Helped University Partner With CCP  

( President Biden is quietly using taxpayer money to fund climate change research between the University of Virginia and the Chinese Communist Party-controlled Tsinghua University, according to the Free Beacon. Federal spending disclosures reveal that the National Science Foundation granted the American university $130,000 last year.  

The independent government agency was formed in 1950 to fund important scientific and educational projects. The foundation was given $80 billion as part of the CHIPS Act, which Biden initially touted as a measure to “counter China.” But the foundation reportedly sees the collaborative research with the CCP on reducing carbon emissions to be “worthy of support.”   

Tsinghua University is funded by the CCP’s Ministry of Education and aligns itself with the goals of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The school also reportedly carries out cyberattacks for the government and holds other classified information and programs related to the military.  

The move to collaborate with an arm of the CCP was brought into question by American Foreign Policy Council fellow Michael Sobolik. He mentioned that the CCP often nurtures its connections in its continued effort to build its influence in the U.S.  

Rebecca Keiser, serving as the foundation’s research strategy and policy chief, said that the foundation is working to maintain transparency and make sure that both sides benefit from the partnership. But she added that the partnership is from researcher to researcher.  

The CCP’s university is also partnering up with the China University of Petroleum-Beijing for research that will allegedly grow ties between the U.S. and China on a low-carbon economy. Compared to all other nations combined, China remained the world’s largest polluter in 2019, according to the BBC. While China emitted 27%, the U.S. came in second at 11%.  

A spokesman for the Virginian university defended the partnership, claiming that national security is not threatened because the research does not involve military application.