Biden Puts Pressure On Israel To End Gaza Fighting

The state of international politics continues to deteriorate day by day. Over the last 3 years, things have truly become volatile in both domestic and international terms in nearly every regard politically and diplomatically. In early 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in Eastern Europe bringing conflict in an armed form back to the continent for the first time since the end of World War II. It is estimated that over half a million casualties have occurred in the conflict for Ukraine; regardless hundreds of thousands of people have been killed or wounded thus far in the bloody affair which shows no signs of ending anytime soon. The war has largely become a stagnant affair in the eastern part of Ukraine along a long front line. Well recent reports have alleged that Russia has lost a considerable amount of troops in recent weeks, Ukrainian intelligence has been questioned in terms of its veracity and accuracy by the West, so it is unclear truly what is going on in the conflict.

In the middle east, in October the Muslim terrorist group Hamas invaded Gaza and murdered over a thousand civilians. Israel retaliated quickly, and have been fighting with Hamas in the Gaza strip. As a result, many left-wing academics and progressive college students in the United States have openly supported Palestine and the terrorist group of Hamas in the fight against Israel. Mass protests occurred in many places around the world; most recently in the United States a massive demonstration was held in Washington DC by those who supported Palestine and the terrorists. Many people were recent Muslim immigrants or the children of Islamic people who had immigrated from the Middle East.

President Joe Biden has been pressured by people to cease supporting Israel. Many on the progressive left do not support Israel and rather back the terrorists and Islamists. The White House called for Israel to “scale back” its operations in Gaza.