Biden Plans Visit To East Palestine 1 Year After Disaster

President Joe Biden will visit the Ohio hamlet of East Palestine, where around 5,000 people lived when a train carrying dangerous chemicals derailed a year ago.

According to a White House official who spoke with the media, Biden will visit East Palestine this month to commemorate the first anniversary of the tragedy and to address the government’s reaction to the aftermath of the Norfolk Southern train wreck.

Biden will meet with victims of the train derailment and evaluate the results of his administration’s efforts to secure the area and ensure that the railroad company is held responsible.

As the hazardous chemicals burnt and sent toxic vapors into the elements, many East Palestine inhabitants were compelled to leave their homes. Residents, the federal government, and the state of Ohio sued Norfolk Southern after the incident on February 3, 2023.

Trump, Biden’s primary political opponent, visited the community of East Palestine after the tragedy to bring drinking water and supplies and even purchased McDonald’s for the people who went out to see him.

However, Biden has yet to set foot there.

In response to the White House’s announcement that Biden would be visiting the town, East Palestine inhabitants were underwhelmed.

According to an interview with an East Palestine business owner, Biden is only visiting the area to cross it off the list.

DJ Yokley stated that the American people have finally come to terms with the fact that our president was nowhere to be found. It is an election year, so now he will turn up.  In contrast, even though he wasn’t required to,  former President Trump rushed to their aid.

The Biden administration has failed to approve Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s need for an emergency declaration, which may provide residents with additional resources like health screenings.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper questioned Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg about it. In response, Buttigieg said that he is not familiar with the legalities of the emergency management procedure, but he was aware of the departmental steps they can take to improve train safety.