Biden Has Teleprompter Issues, Can Barely Speak

According to a report, President Joe Biden lost another fight with the teleprompter when his speech fell into complete gibberish before a half-empty crowd in West Columbia, South Carolina.

President Biden was in attendance to launch a new ‘clean energy’ manufacturing cooperation between logistics business Flex LTD and solar manufacturer Enphase Energy during a tour of the facility.

RNC Research explained on Twitter that when Biden first took the stage in South Carolina, Biden had trouble with his podium and explained to the audience why he was kicking the stand.  He said he could not make it work.  

When he did manage to form whole words, Biden recycled his same old falsehoods.

Low-paid employees, he said, have had the fastest salary growth in two decades. However, actual weekly earnings have decreased every month since Biden enacted his 1.7 trillion-dollar “stimulus.”

Biden continued by saying that until around six years ago, he had no idea what a “supply chain” was.

The report shows Biden then clarified that he wasn’t making an economic triumph announcement but rather that he has a strategy that is rapidly improving conditions.

Biden then added that thanks to him, drivers in South Carolina will be capable of driving across the Hudson Tunnel at a speed of 100 miles per hour instead of 30. 

Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly had issues of her own recently.

According to a report, Harris provided a less-than-understandable description of artificial intelligence at a meeting with civil rights activists and consumer protection professionals.

Harris explained that AI was sort of a fancy thing. Foremost, it is two letters, which means artificial intelligence. Harris declared at the AI roundtable that it is about “machine learning.”

“So… the machine is taught.”


The report shows that as the White House and Congress boost up efforts to address national security issues relating to the sector, Vice President Biden discussed the hazards associated with artificial intelligence and how the Biden administration might regulate the quickly evolving technology.

Her comments follow the first-ever classified briefing on artificial intelligence given to the Senate, which was attended by representatives from intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense (DoD).