Biden Has Awkward Encounter With Disabled Vet

A Marine that suffered a severe injury during the 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal opened up about his awkward encounter with President Joe Biden, according to Fox News. Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews recalled his recovery visit to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after he lost an arm and a leg during a suicide bombing that occurred outside Abbey Gate at Kabul airport.

Vargas-Andrew’s story appeared in depth on the Shawn Ryan Show. Ryan introduced the 24-year-old Marine and spoke with him for around five hours. Ryan attributed the botched and disastrous withdrawal to the “incompetence” of the Biden administration and thought it important to tell the Marine’s story because the mainstream media was not interested.

After the incident, Vargas-Andrews says that he was greeted by generals who asked him if he wanted to meet with the president. He reluctantly agreed. Vargas-Andrews was still sedated from all of the pain medication he was taking, and he reportedly asked his doctors to temporarily hold them so that he could be cogent and clear-headed when he met with Biden.

They did and he was informed that the president would be there within the hour. But Biden was late by more than four hours. Vargas-Andrews, still cloudy from the medication, said that eventually, Secret Service began to arrive at the hospital ahead of Biden, adding that he did not know who the president was. But upon learning that it was Biden, he allegedly said, “Oh my f—ing God.”

He said that Biden walked in with a group of people and a photographer. The president went to shake his hand, but his right arm was blown off and the other was in a cast. Then the president just grabs his fingers without saying hello. Biden then allegedly leaped into talk about how his son Beau was in the military.

At that point, Vargas-Andrew’s mother was upset because Biden’s group kept taking pictures. Eventually, Biden leaned in to ask him what he wants. Confused, the Marine just said that he wants to be himself.

Vargas-Andrews is now trying to make a living for himself after the military and runs a knife company.