Biden Falsely Claims Gay People Are Getting Kicked Out Of Restaurants

On Saturday, the White House hosted a large celebration for the LGBT community, and it was bizarre to see President Joe Biden try to cast himself as a longtime hero for the alternative community.

After voting against homosexual marriage for most of the previous 50 years, Biden again made up a narrative about how he came to embrace the LGBTQ+ community when he observed two well-dressed guys in suits kissing over half a century ago.

Not only was the 17-year-old Biden open-minded (having never seen the unnatural act of two men kissing), but his dad was also an absolute man ahead of his time.

Joe tells the tale of when his dad took him to Wilmington, Delaware so that he could pick up an application to become a lifeguard. (That job was where he ultimately had a showdown with the razor-blade-toting black gang member, Corn Pop) On the street, Biden spotted two men wearing suits kissing. This was the 1950s. The suited men apparently didn’t care about losing their jobs.

Joe said he looked at his dad, and his father explained – “It’s simple. They love each other.”

Joe also said he marched in the civil rights movement, something that, to put it bluntly, was another of the dozens and dozens of Joe Biden lies.

Biden, who apparently still thinks it is the 1950s, said that gay people, in 2023, are thrown out of restaurants. He claimed without providing any proof to support his assertion.

It’s vital to the left to keep the populace divided, no matter how much they come together.

Most people accept gay marriage and trans people. The left can’t have that, so they push the envelope by including kids in transition therapies, which include hormones and surgeries, causing more division, which, if leveraged correctly, will keep them in power.

Meanwhile, a transperson fondled their naked breasts on the White House lawn during the celebration – a new law for the country.

One wonders what Biden’s dad would say to Joey about that spectacle.