Biden Falls For 3rd Time, Sparking “Pattern” Reports By Concerned Public

( For the second time in less than two weeks, President Joe Biden once again tripped going up the steps to Air Force One this weekend. 

As the president was heading back to Washington on Sunday after traveling to Alabama for the 58th Anniversary of the Blood Sunday march in Selma, television cameras once again captured the 80-year-old Biden losing his footing on the steps to Air Force One. 

In the video viewed more than 1.6 million times on Twitter, the president begins his ascent up the stairs while holding onto the rail. As he nears the top of the steps, the president stumbles a bit before quickly regaining his footing. But neither news anchor commenting on the segment says a word about the stumble: 

Sunday’s trip comes less than two weeks after Biden stumbled while climbing the steps to Air Force One on February 22 after visiting Poland. 

In that incident, Biden nearly fell face-first onto the steps before catching himself. 

While embarrassing, neither incident was nearly as bad as the tumble President Biden took on the steps in March 2019 when cameras caught Biden tripping not once, but three times, as he boarded Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews. 

The White House blamed that embarrassing triple tumble on gusting winds. 

Last month, the White House released a report on President Biden’s most recent medical exam in which White House physician Kevin O’Connor described the 80-year-old president as “healthy,” “vigorous,” and fit for duty. 

O’Connor said one of the president’s existing conditions is a “perceptibly stiffened ambulatory gait” caused by degenerative “wear and tear” and spondylosis. This year’s exam found that stiffening in his calves and thighs had gotten “tighter.” 

According to the report, the president also underwent a neurological exam which found nothing consistent with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or stroke. However, no cognitive test was conducted on the president.