Biden Doesn’t Know What He’s Asking For

Joe Biden doesn’t appear concerned about the debt talks or the state of the economy.

Biden went 97 days without communicating with Republicans, and now that he’s started talking, he has no intention of cutting anything and instead plans to continue spending us into poverty. 

The liberals in his party might have him fully under their thumb and won’t allow him to work with the Republicans. 

It seems the American people desire to spend reductions and view Joe Biden as the main impediment to this goal. According to a recent Fox survey, most Americans believe Joe Biden is to blame for this situation.

Biden’s actions have already resulted in a “credit negative watch” placed on the U.S.

Biden will leave for another weekend getaway to Camp David and his Delaware house this Friday. He’s already been on vacation for over 40% of his time in the office.

Kevin McCarthy continues to hang in there, placing further responsibility on Biden.

He said, “As long as it takes,” regarding closing a debt ceiling deal. He said he intends to remain in Washington, DC, to continue working for a solution that the American people can support.

McCarthy said he would keep working to remove wasteful expenditure, reduce inflation, strengthen the economy, and wean the country from relying on China.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Biden couldn’t identify anyone present at a White House function. To fill the position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he has chosen General Charles Q. Brown, Jr. 

During his speech, Biden once again called out to someone who wasn’t in the room.

Biden called for Congressional Rep. Calhoun. There is no Rep. Calhoun. 

The senator eventually corrected himself, switching to “McCollum,” which has nothing in common with “Calhoun.” 

There is Betty McCollum (D-MN), who serves in Congress. And there is a Paula Calhoon. 

No one is sure what Biden was saying.

This is who is handling debt ceiling negotiations for the left.

Or is it?