Biden Claims He Can’t Return to His Primary Residence

The United States remains engulfed in a tumultuous and polarizing political climate. Since Joe Biden, the nation’s 46th President entered the Oval Office in 2021 things have been chaotic domestically and internationally. Inflation brought about by record levels of reckless government spending continues to crush working class families, millions of illegal migrants cross the southern border annually, and cultural and social decay permeates communities across the country. While the reality of everyday life for the average citizen has been far from jovial in recent times, the majority of Americans do not think twice about returning home at the end of a work day. This is not the case for President Joe Biden. On Sunday, September 3rd, while visiting Rehoboth beach in Delaware, he stated that he was unable to return home.

In a bizarre exchange with reporters following the conclusion of a Catholic mass, Biden claimed he had “no home to go to”. It was ascertained that the United States Secret Service has recently been taking measures to improve security at the Presidents primary residence in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden has two homes in the First State, where he spends most of his weekends. Two weeks prior, the president and his family enjoyed a week-long vacation in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. In total, Biden has spent nearly 40% of his presidency “on vacation”. This is an alarming statistic, especially given the volatile state of affairs in America under his leadership. Average families across the country are struggling to make ends meet, and the quality of life in the country continues to decline as economic and cultural decay continues to worsen.

Biden has often appeared incoherent, inept, and weak. He routinely falters when attempting to deliver public remarks, and often presents himself in a manner which projects dizziness and uncertainty. The American public has certainly taken notice, as the president’s approval ratings continue to plummet. The latest poll shows a 61% disapproval rating.