Biden Blasted After Bumbling Way Through Tel Aviv Visit

James Woods, the Oscar-nominated actor, criticized President Joe Biden’s recent press conference in Israel. During the event, Biden appeared to lose focus and deviated from his scripted remarks, causing concern about his clarity and coherence.

While in Tel Aviv and seated next to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden struggled with his speech, even though he had prepared notes to refer to.

Woods expressed concern about Biden’s mental health on social media and questioned the president’s capacity to lead effectively. “There are serious implications with the current leadership. Immediate action is needed to ensure the security of our world,” he commented on the day of the conference.

Furthermore, Woods took issue with Biden’s choice of words, notably when the president used the term “other team” when discussing groups causing unrest in Israel.

Instead of prioritizing a fair solution for the Palestinians and long-term peace in the region, Biden and other American administrations focused on the Abraham Accords. This approach was more about forging transactional agreements with Arab countries to bolster Israel’s regional influence and establish a defense mechanism against Iran. True peace can only be achieved when the US and Israel understand that it requires the agreement of the region’s populace, not just its leadership.

Breitbart News highlighted that during Biden’s visit to Israel, he pledged $100 million in humanitarian aid for Gaza and the West Bank. In his recent book “Breaking Biden,” Alex Marlow, Breitbart News EIC, delves into several of Biden’s decisions and policies that he believes have adversely affected Israel.

Woods expressed thoughts about his future in Hollywood, “I anticipate my career might be over, but I prioritize my country.”

Many conservatives resonated with Woods’ posts, with some expressing their newfound admiration for him as an actor. Twitchy, a site managed by conservative writer Michelle Malkin, compiled and showcased a series of his tweets.

On different instances, Woods shared various images, news pieces, and content touching on the government shutdown, the incident at the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya, issues surrounding Obamacare, the Afghan withdrawal, and the increasing national debt.

Referring to a New York Times article about a proposal to permit noncitizens to oversee polling stations in California, he humorously remarked, “Now, multilingual votes are possible even posthumously.”