Biden Admin Is Quietly Blocking Investigators from Doing Their Job

The congressional investigation into Rob Malley who is an Iran envoy has hit a roadblock as the Biden administration refuses to cooperate, withholding information and declining to answer inquiries. Recent reports indicate that Malley, a senior diplomat, had his security clearance revoked.

In a communication obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, the State Department informed House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Michael McCaul (R., Texas) that it could not provide further details or documentation about the personnel-security clearance matter. This decision hampers the committee’s efforts to shed light on the allegations against Malley, who has been on unpaid leave since last month while multiple security agencies, including the FBI, investigate his actions.

While the exact nature of the charges against Malley remains unclear, the revocation of his security clearance has raised concerns among lawmakers that he may have mishandled classified information during diplomatic discussions with Iran. Malley has been actively working to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, which aims to lift sanctions on Tehran and provide substantial financial benefits to the hardline regime.

Malley’s past conduct in diplomatic endeavors has also attracted scrutiny. In 2008, he was dismissed from the Obama campaign for engaging in unauthorized talks with the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hamas.

McCaul and other members of Congress suspect that the Biden administration may have attempted to conceal the alleged mishandling information by Malley that was deemed classified. 

According to a reliable source within Congress, the foreign affairs committee plans to send a follow-up letter to the State Department this week. The letter will outline specific questions requiring immediate answers regarding the case involving Rob Malley.

These charges against Malley come at a critical juncture for the Biden administration, as it engages in undisclosed diplomatic negotiations with Iran to secure a new nuclear agreement. 

It is reported that the United States is willing to provide substantial financial assistance to the financially strained Iranian government in exchange for minimal restrictions on its nuclear program. This agreement is significant considering Iran’s increasing proximity to developing nuclear weapons.

McCaul initially raised his concerns and requested information from the State Department in late June, shortly after Malley publicly acknowledged revoking his security clearance. However, the State Department has consistently refrained from commenting on the matter, stating that Malley is on an extended leave of absence.