Biden Acknowledges 4yo Granddaughter For The First Time

According to a report, President Biden finally recognized his son Hunter Biden’s child, Navy Joan Roberts, as his grandchild for the first time last Friday. 

Some Republican presidential hopefuls made barbs at his handling of the matter.

The president and first lady said they wanted the best for every one of their grandkids, including Navy Joan, in a statement released on Friday. 

Lunden Roberts of Arkansas filed a paternity suit against Hunter Biden in 2019.   He accepted his paternity and agreed to provide child support after a DNA test proved it.

According to a statement released by the Biden family, Hunter and Navy’s mother, Lunden Roberts, are working together to provide a healthy relationship for their daughter while still protecting her privacy. He said it was a domestic issue, not a political one. He said that his and Jill’s main concern was for Navy and the rest of their grandkids. 

People Magazine was the first to publish the statement. It came after the president took heat from Republicans for ignoring calls to acknowledge his youngest granddaughter.

After Biden declared his 2020 presidential victory, he brought his other grandkids to celebrate with him on stage. Christmas stockings were hung in the White House for six grandkids in 2021 and 2022, but Navy Joan, born in 2018, and verified as Hunter Biden’s daughter by a court-ordered paternity test, was utterly ignored.

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton tweeted that it was amazing that Joe Biden hung a Christmas stocking for his pet dog but wouldn’t recognize his granddaughter, Navy Joan, or her mother, Lunden Roberts. 

A CNN panel ripped  Joe Biden last month for ignoring his granddaughter. 

Dana Bash, a host of CNN, called the incident sad and troubling on so many levels. A four-year-old girl who knows her paternal grandfather’s identity is at the center of this drama.

A CNN commentator claimed that it was so inconsistent with what they’d been told about Joe Biden.