Biden Accusers Unleashes On Corrupt FBI

A formal complaint has been filed with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General (IG) by Tara Reade, who says that President Joe Biden (Then Vice President) sexually abused her in 1993. She has since defected to Russia.

Reade drew attention during Biden’s campaign in April 2020 for her role as an aide to the senator from Delaware. She accused him of pushing her against a wall in a Senate hallway and penetrating her with his fingers almost thirty years earlier, and she filed a criminal report against him with the Washington Metropolitan Police Department.

In 2020, Reade shared her experience with 60 Minutes on Australian television. Reade said in an exclusive interview that Joe Biden was unfit for the presidency due to his alleged sexual misconduct.

Biden refuted the allegations.
Reade fled from the United States to Moscow out of concern for her safety. She pleaded with Russian President Vladimir Putin in May 2023 to give her citizenship.

Reade was given refuge via a streamlined procedure. She said that she just did not want to face the two stark realities that awaited her upon returning home: being confined or being murdered.

Reade, who worked as an intern for Rep. Leon Panetta before joining Biden’s staff, voiced the belief that the United States had lost its democracy.

According to a report, a new civil rights complaint was filed in late December. It is not a lawsuit but seeks an investigation into FBI practices regarding Reade. It states she was a victim of sexual assault who came forward as a whistleblower. Despite her requests for FBI protection from death threats, she became the subject of a federal grand jury investigation and a criminal investigation in California.

The complaint asserts that her rights under the First and Fourth Amendments were infringed.

Furthermore, it requests an examination into the scope of the FBI’s monitoring of Reade, including the activities of search and seizure, the issuance of subpoenas and warrants directed at her online accounts, communications, and social media, as well as the disclosure and copying of any documents or information linked to her monitoring in accordance with her First Amendment rights.