Barbaric Nation -Thought POLICE Strikes!

Iran’s ruling regime has deployed secret police throughout society. They hide within the public, rigging elections and quashing dissent. And now, a Tehran insider is blowing the whistle.

The bombshell disclosures show how the Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, maintains his power through the use of a secret police force operating in the shadows—called the “Middle Ring”—who help maintain his power by keeping dissent within manageable limits.

As happened with secret service and espionage agents throughout the Cold War, and since, the Ayatollah’s secret police infiltrate society as so-called “regime rats,” informants who discourage dissent, perform electioneering, and participate in street violence against religious non-conformists. They also broadly engage in bribery and coercion, and use their positions to act as thought police, making sure that nonconforming thought is spotlighted for punishment and prompting dissident voices to keep their misgivings to themselves.

These disclosures have emerged as Iran’s new election gets underway. The previous president, the notorious Ebrahim “The Butcher” Raisi, was killed in a helicopter crash during May of this year.

The elections are not expected to be either “free” or “fair,” as the Ayatollah has a very sophisticated set of electioneering tools at his disposal that ensure that candidates who might threaten him are removed from play before votes ever enter the ballot box.

Ksara Arabi, research director and spokesperson United Against Nuclear Iran, a nonprofit organization, says that it has uncovered the “Middle Ring” network of Secret Police being run through the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in the course of their work. Kasara’s job is investigating the IRGC to uncover the crimes it commits against the Iranian people. The entire security operation is designed to advance Khamenei’s goal of achieving an ideal Islamic Government ruling over an ideal Islamic Society. Policing people’s actions and thoughts are, in Kahmenei’s view, essential to that goal.

This is the first time this aspect of the mechanics of Kahmenei’s tyranny have been publicly exposed.