At Least 165,100 Dead Russian Soldiers In Ukraine 

( Despite media attention being focused on the conflict near the town of Bakhmut, heavy combat can be seen throughout the entire Donbas contact line. The Donbas is seeing Russian advances as they gain a foothold. 

On the 390th day of the combat, the Russian troops are still pressing forward in pursuit of a strategic victory. Ukrainian forces continue to put up a solid defense across the board, and they’re gearing up for a counteroffensive in the coming months. 

Ukrainian troops maintain their organized defense, but British Military Intelligence reports that the Russian envelopment operation is becoming a severe danger to Ukrainian supply routes to the west. 

The small yet strategic coal-mining town of Vuhledar is in the south, and the Russian military has frequently tried to conquer it. Russian forces have been working to break past Ukrainian fortifications in other parts of the Donbas besides Bakhmuttoo set up a military breakthrough. Moscow has lost elite troops and dozens of heavy weapon systems in the region, and fatalities have been extraordinarily high. 

Russian troops have also been attempting to break through Ukrainian lines near Avdiivka. Avdiivka is located in the Donetsk Province, south of Bakhmut and north of Donetsk City, the Russian-held capital of the province. 

Separatist Donetsk People’s Republic troops, backed by Russia, have been steadily advancing this month into Avdiivka. The Russian Ministry of Defense uses the insurgents’ familiarity with the area’s topography to its advantage. 

The people of Avdiivka have experienced war before. Since Russia’s first invasion of Ukraine in 2014, the city of Mariupol has been on the front lines of the conflict. Avdiivka has become even poorer and ruined since the second invasion occurred last year; most of the town is gone, and just a few people still call it home. 

Russian military in Ukraine is again suffering severe fatalities with nothing to show for their efforts. Over 1,500 Russian and Wagner Group mercenary soldiers were killed or injured over the weekend, but neither side made the strategic breakthrough they’d sought for weeks. 

According to 19FortyFive, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported on Monday that Ukrainian forces had killed over 165,610 Russian soldiers and wounded nearly three times as many.