Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Trump Won’t Win 2024 Election

Former California governor and current Republican Party member Arnold Schwarzenegger recently gave an interview in which he predicted that Donald Trump would lose to President Joe Biden if he became the party’s candidate for a second time. According to Schwarzenegger, Trump would be defeated by Biden.

Regarding the January 6 “insurrection,” Schwarzenegger told CNN’s Dana Bash that the focus was more on “let’s get those right-wingers” and that, as a consequence, no one in the media adequately discussed the violence that occurred and why.

Unfortunately, the issue of “why things turned out that way” has not been investigated. 

Schwarzenegger feels that false claims about the 2020 election being stolen were the tipping point or the straw that finally broke the camel’s back, but he feels that wasn’t enough to compel people to drive to Washington, DC.

He feels there is such an unbelievable dissatisfaction, so much anger.

Schwarzenegger has said that he is unconcerned about Trump’s current poll advantage in the 2024 Republican primary race because he is confident that Trump will not be able to win the presidency again. Even though Trump is ahead in the polls right now, he maintains his position.

He feels there are too many people now that have seen what he did as President, and he thinks when it comes to the majority on Election Day, they will know the difference between one candidate and the other.” 

Schwarzenegger said there was a chance that Trump would get the Republican nomination. But it will be challenging for him to win the election. 

He doesn’t feel alone in his thinking when he says it’s great to have Biden back as president.

Chances are another deranged person out there thinks Biden’s record is superior to Trump’s. The worst part of the Trump presidency for people who hated Trump is that he was the President.