Another Biden Family Member Forced To Testify

President Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, has consented to a recorded interview with House Republicans set for February. This session is a component of the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the impeachment inquiry concerning President Biden and inquiries related to Hunter Biden and the President.

While several Biden family members, including the president himself, have denied involvement in Hunter’s business dealings, the committee hopes that James Biden’s testimony will shed light on any potential connection between the president and Hunter’s business affairs.

In November, Chairman James Comer of the Oversight Committee declared, “Through financial investigations, the House Oversight Committee has compiled evidence demonstrating Joe Biden’s awareness, involvement, and gains from his family’s influence-trading activities.” The committee will interrogate Biden family members and their close associates about this evidence. They assert that banking documents will uncover the Bidens’ participation in commercial transactions that might have jeopardized U.S. interests.

One significant discovery made by House Republicans is the existence of two “loan repayment” checks sent by James and his wife, Sara Biden, to Joe Biden. The committee claims that one of these transfers passed through Northern International Capital, a Chinese company affiliated with CEFC China Energy.

According to the committee’s subpoena request, James Biden and Hunter Biden maintained a business relationship and engaged in various business deals, including one with CEFC China Energy. The committee alleges that this company had close ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Furthermore, text messages between Hunter Biden and CEFC associate Raymond Zhao indicate that Hunter sought a $10 million payment, mentioning that he was “sitting here with my father.” House Republicans claim that $5 million subsequently flowed in from a Chinese affiliate of CEFC, and the Biden family engaged in complex financial transactions to conceal the source of this Chinese money.

James Biden’s attorney, Paul Fishman, has denied any wrongdoing, stating that there is nothing more to these transactions and that James has never involved his brother in business dealings.

The committee further disclosed that a friend of the Biden family, John “Rob” Walker, allocated a million-dollar disbursement among Biden family members, including James, following his company’s receipt of a $3 million transaction from a CEFC affiliate. Walker purportedly referred to this transfer as a “thank you” gesture from CEFC for facilitating introductions. Additionally, Walker had reported to the FBI that Joe Biden had been present in meetings with Hunter Biden and officials from CEFC China Energy.

It is worth noting that these efforts by the Biden family to secure millions from a Chinese company began during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president.

James Biden and Hunter Biden are expected to appear before the House Oversight Committee for private depositions in the coming weeks.