America Is Telling Biden Not To Run

President Joe Biden finally made his 2024 reelection campaign official on Tuesday, releasing a video asking voters to let him “finish this job.” But according to a poll released over the weekend, for the vast majority of Americans, the only job Biden should finish is the one he currently holds.

The latest NBC News poll found that 70 percent of respondents, including 51 percent of Democrats, do not want Joe Biden to run for reelection. Of those, half of them believe the president is too old to serve a second term.

Biden, who will be 82 in November 2024, is already the oldest person in history elected to the presidency.

Meanwhile, NBC News also found that the majority of respondents, 60 percent, aren’t particularly interested in Donald Trump running for president again either, including a third of Republicans.

When asked whom they would support between Joe Biden and a Generic Republican in the 2024 presidential race, only 41 percent of registered voters said they would “probably” or “definitely” vote for Joe Biden. While 88 percent of Democrats said they would choose Biden, only 22 percent of Independents and 3 percent of Republicans said they would vote for Biden.

The Generic Republican bested Biden by 6 points, with 47 percent of registered voters saying they would “probably” or “definitely” vote for the Republican nominee. But that likely will depend on who the Republican nominee is.

The NBC News poll also rated Biden’s current job approval, with only 41 percent approving of Biden’s job performance and 54 percent disapproving, placing the president 13 points underwater. Broken down by party, 83 percent of Democrats approve of Biden, while only 30 percent of Independents and 6 percent of Republicans do.

When asked if they have a positive or negative view of President Biden, only 38 percent of respondents said they view him positively while 48 percent view him negatively, for a net negative rating of 10 points.

However, Biden still does better than Trump. Only 34 percent of respondents had a positive view of Trump while 53 percent viewed him negatively, giving Trump a net negative of 19 points.