Alarm Sounded On China’s Plans To Displace America

According to a report, Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wisc., responded to China’s satellite expansion in South America, highlighting that the U.S. The Wisconsin lawmaker advised the US to focus more on its neighbors and national security to prevent China from “exploiting” it.

Gallagher expressed great worry. After decades of negligence, we’ve enabled the CCP to transform the Monroe Doctrine to become the Mao Doctrine.

The Chinese purchased port facilities. Their smart cranes account for 90% of the worldwide market. Much of it is in our ports and South and Central American ports.

Last year, we heard about an extensive Cuban espionage facility, with communist-friendly governments increasing all across the Southern Hemisphere.

Gallagher believes we should focus on our backyard. Sometimes, we become complacent, and the CCP is using that complacency to invade our country and depose us as world leaders.

Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) declared on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures” this week that China should not hold property near Strategic Air Force sites since their goal sought to destroy our country.

According to Noem, China bought 5,300% more American agricultural land in 10 years. That implies they actively shifted their methods to purchase our property near key national defense facilities. They’re doing it to further their plan to destroy the US. They desire global dominance. They can only accomplish it by eliminating the US.

China has also built several hundred concentration camps in East Turkestan since 2017, imprisoning approximately 3 million people, according to a report.

Survivors of the camps have described brutal propaganda, torture, gang rape, medical tests for organ harvesting, sterilization by force, infanticide, abortions, and various other killings.

Beyond the camps, mass sterilization campaigns have stymied local population growth, and the CCP has kidnapped children and forced them into indoctrination centers to learn atheism, Mandarin, Han, and communist culture. China enslaves a large portion of the region’s population.