Adam Schiff Slammed for Biden Impeachment Comments

Conservative figures lashed out at Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff on social media Wednesday after he suggested that Republicans were eager to impeach President Biden despite solid proof. 

“The Republicans’ appetite to impeach, irrespective of the availability of evidence, reflects their fall into disarray,” Schiff, a Democrat from California, told FOX Business on Wednesday. 

His remarks were in response to chatter among some GOP members about the possibility of impeaching President Biden over his purported connections to his son Hunter Biden’s business transactions and alleged payoff plans.

However, Schiff, the chief House impeachment manager against President Donald Trump, faced widespread ridicule on social media for backing two impeachments against Trump and promoting the narrative of Russian collusion. All three occurrences, conservatives argue, were based on weak evidence.

“The person who declared ‘there is collusion in plain sight’ about Trump is now speaking this way!” tweeted former GOP Congressman Doug Collins. “What a mockery!” “Democrats impeached Trump over a PHONE CALL!!!!” tweeted conservative commentator Graham Allen. “We possess bribery evidence and won’t be muzzled by the RECOGNIZED LIAR Adam Schiff.”

“Talk about the pot calling the kettle black,” tweeted former Trump advisor and veteran political strategist Roger Stone. “Adam Schiff, the deceitful swindler, must face charges for treason. If it’s Schiff, dump it.” 

Representative Adam B. Schiff, a Democrat from California, faced formal censure by the G.O.P.-led House in June due to his involvement in investigating former President Donald J. Trump. 

The censure was passed with a party-line vote of 213 to 209, with six Republicans abstaining by voting “present.” Speaker Kevin McCarthy supported the censure after Representative Anna Paulina Luna, a Republican from Florida and the lead sponsor, made amendments to remove a controversial multimillion-dollar fine that some Republicans considered unconstitutional.

Representative Luna accused Adam Schiff of spearheading an unfounded political campaign against a sitting U.S. president based on distorted allegations. The censure resolution accused Schiff of spreading falsehoods, misrepresentations, and mishandling sensitive information while attempting to establish connections between Mr. Trump and Russia.

Censuring a member of Congress is a rare occurrence and serves as a public reprimand. Throughout the history of the House, such censures have happened only 24 times and are typically the result of proven wrongdoing. Before Mr. Schiff, just two-House members had been censured in almost four decades.