A Netflix “Divorce” Is Happening Across The Country

Netflix has announced a global password-sharing restriction, effective immediately in 103 countries. Users are venting their frustrations on social media, with some going so far as to delete their accounts. 

The 103 nations affected by the restriction include the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and Brazil. 

Research firm Digital-i estimates that 25% of the 15 million UK Netflix members share their passwords. 

Initially scheduled for implementation worldwide by the end of March, Netflix’s password-sharing restriction has been pushed back a few months. Users in the United Kingdom who have shared their Netflix account with someone outside their family have received emails from the business this week. 

Sharing passwords reduces Netflix’s capacity to invest in and improve its service when a possible source of revenue is eliminated. 

In order to establish whether or not a specific TV, phone, or tablet is a “trusted device,” Netflix uses the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address and unique device identifier. A ‘trusted device’ has successfully connected to the house WiFi on a monthly basis.

In order to share their Netflix subscription with a friend, account holders will now need to pay for an additional membership slot and extend an invitation to their friend. The account holder is responsible for this amount, in addition to the monthly membership fee. 

Owners of freehold properties need only set up and fund their own accounts. Netflix’s new Profile Transfer feature makes it easy to transfer user information to a different Netflix account. The ‘Transfer Profile’ option requires the user’s email address, password, and other information.

The firm has now introduced a ‘Basic with Ads’ grade of subscription service, including commercial breaks between episodes. 

Members of a different household can be added to an account, although this feature is exclusive to the Standard and Premium plans.