5 People Missing After Partial Building Collapse

Iowa’s six-story apartment complex, which has been partially destroyed, may collapse at any time. The only mystery is whether or not there is anyone else in there.

The inexplicable implosion of a section of The Davenport building occurred two days ago. Within a day of the collapse, eight individuals were rescued from the structure, and there were no recorded fatalities.

City authorities in Davenport must now make a tough decision. Do they send rescuers into the dangerous building to hunt for missing people or demolish the rest of the structure to prevent more casualties?

The city said rescue operations had transitioned to a recovery operation by Monday afternoon, and the structure was scheduled to be dismantled on Tuesday morning.

After the surprise discovery of a ninth survivor late Monday, demolition preparations were shelved.

The fire brigade rescued Lisa Brooks from her residence late last night. That, Davenport Fire Marshal Jim Morris said on Tuesday, is a sign that they must get up there again.

Morris added that every time rescue workers entered the building, it shifted. The likelihood of a complete collapse increases when heavy objects, such as air conditioners and utility equipment, are placed on the roof.

Five persons have not been found, Mayor Mike Matson stated on Tuesday. 

Two of the people are believed to be in the building.

In a social media update on Tuesday, authorities reported that many animals had been rescued but had seen no signs of human activity.

Some residents may still be trapped, protesters said Monday night, according to a report from CNN affiliate Quad-City Times. “Find them first!!” were written on placards held by some.

City officials confirmed on Tuesday that Ryan Hitchcock is among the missing.

However, Hitchcock’s cousin Amy Anderson said the family had accepted the likelihood that their loved one was dead and favored the city’s plans to demolish the structure remains safe.

Anderson started crying as she reminisced about Hitchcock.

I don’t rule out the possibility that he’s magically buried beneath there. We’ve seen God work miracles, and He’s good,” she declared.

However, we do not wish for any other families to be killed or maimed due to attempting to clear away the debris and have anything collapse.

There were many emotional moments from Fire Marshal Morris during Tuesday’s press conference.