12-Year-Olds Could Soon Be “Emancipated” From Parents Over Gender

On Tuesday, Democrats in California voted to go forward with a bill that would allow mental health experts to take children out of their homes and place them in state custody without the approval of their parents.

The Senate Judiciary Committee adopted Assembly Bill 665 along partisan lines. A therapist or counselor’s recommendation is all that is needed for a youngster as young as 12 to be admitted to one of the state’s youth shelters.

Before the vote, scores of Californians gave passionate testimony against the bill, variously calling it both the “emancipation of 12-year-olds” and “dangerous.”

The bill’s writers highlighted concerns as “misinformation” and “lies.”

The bill’s success is the latest in a string of victories for California Democrats in their ongoing effort to limit parents’ rights so that children can select their gender identities. Additional legislation now in the works will penalize parents and foster parents who do not “affirm” their children’s transgender status.

Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo (D.) and State Senator Scott Wiener (D.) reiterated on Tuesday that they simply seek to give all children equal access to mental health services. 

Children enrolled in Medi-Cal, California’s Medicaid program for the low-income, would be the only ones affected by the law.

Carrillo reassured the parents in the group that they would never endorse a policy that removes parental rights, to which there were loud scoffs.

Joe Wilson famously shouted at Obama during a SOTU Address, “You lie!”

He shouted it when Obama claimed that illegals would never receive Obamacare. Of course, history has shown Wilson to have been correct.

The California bill would go much beyond the legal independence enjoyed by minors at present. Unlike the case with adolescents covered by private insurance, therapists and counselors are not required to provide evidence that a pre-teen patient has the maturity in a dangerous circumstance before transferring them to a “residential shelter.” It would be up to the discretion of the mental health professional, who may be an intern or trainee, as to whether or not to tell the parents of the relocation.

Wiener is promoting a law that would force California foster parents to “affirm” the preferred gender identities of theirfoster children. This comes from Wiener’s honoring anti-Catholic drag nuns at the California Senate. Wiener’s co-authored legislation to make parents’ refusal to acknowledge their transgender child’s identification grounds for revoking or restricting custody was advanced by the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.